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NatQuest Web is a system that allows you to create virtual search databases. You can browse, find and share the contents of your files.

NatQuest Web allows you to index a large mass of HTML, XHTML, etc. documents and make them available for research via an internet or intranet network.

NatQuest Web's interface allows your query to be simple without having to use any special syntax or Boolean logic.

Architectural Overview of NatQuest Web

The architecture of this solution is unique and responds well to an organization's needs to transmit important masses of information through a dynamic environment.

NatQuest Web uses NTIndex to index HTML documents on a web site. Users can search the database using an HTML interface with any browser that supports HTML formats, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Once completed, the user's queries are sent to NTQuest via the HTML interface. NTQuest searches the web index and displays several views of the results, listing documents, for example, in order of relevance.

Users can immediately access the most relevant document, or select documents from other lists.

NatQuest Web is a very flexible search engine that enables this technology to be adapted to other web solutions.

NatQuest Web offers a realistic solution to a big problem: How to offer, via Internet, powerful and easy-to-use tools for the everyday web surfer?

Technical Specifications

Supported Web Servers

  • Personal Web Server for Windows 2000, 2003, 2007, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Browser Compatibility

  • Since the NatQuest Web interface is in HTML, all browsers compatible with HTML are compatible with our product.

Searching and retrieving capabilities

  • Natural language query
  • Search by key word, expression or complete sentences
  • Possibility to narrow your search through search fields
  • Wildcards (boolean logic)
  • Operators of adjacency and proximity
  • Truncation (left, right and center) and mask
  • Date-range interval
  • Relevance selection
  • Highlighting query result
  • HTML-configured results
  • Individual access to each information database


  • Incremental updating of indexes (only the recently modified documents will then get indexed)

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