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Naturel+ allows you to search the contents of your files. It can, for example, search for a term in a Word document without having to open it. A bit like Google, but for your local (or network) files!

Naturel+ allows you to easily find a term or specific phrase in your document, which can be very useful for Word or Excel documents.

With the help of Naturel+, your queries can become precise, efficient and faster. Customizable parameters will make this software an incredibly flexible and easy to use tool. In addition, Naturel+ offers new search options, such as looking into paths, directory names and file names.

Here are the types of files supported by Naturel+:

  • Microsoft Office files (doc, docx, docm, xls, xlsx, xlsm, ppt, pptx, pptm)
  • Microsoft Outlook files (pst)
  • PDF
  • HTML, XHTML, etc.
  • And many others


  • 'Include' and 'exclude' checkboxes allow greater precision, bypassing operators.
  • The ability to search in file paths, and thus to exclude certain directories from the search without having to create a new search database.
Naturel+' include / exclude function
  • The ability to index a list of paths (text file with an .npl extension), including all files from the list when indexing and searching.
How to index a list of paths List of paths example

How to use Naturel+

Naturel+ works through database searches, user specific, which will then index their content for a fast and efficient search.

Naturel+' basic window image

The creation of an index can take some time depending on the number and size of the indexed files. However, it must do so only once. You can then update your database if you add files in the searched folder.

To create a database, click File => New => New database, which will open the database’s definition window.

Naturel+' definition window image

You can explore the left pane folders you want to add to the database, and then drag the chosen files and folders to the right pane, which will hold the list of files to be indexed. When you're ready, you simply click on Index and then follow the instructions to save the database, and voila!

Naturel+' indexation image

You can add criterias in the definition of the base like personnalized fields or choose to exclude certain documents from the database.

You can create as many databases as you want, your files will be grouped according to your needs!

Once indexing is complete, you can begin the search.

First, select a database to open in search mode. (File = > Open = > Open database).

Open database image

Then, you just have to type the search words, either in your own words or using Boolean operators, and click OK!

The results’ grid is displayed in the top pane and displays the documents in order of relevance.

Results grid image

Double click a file to view, and a window will open with a preview of the file in WYSIWYG with the search terms highlighted.

Highlighted results image

To open the file itself, click the External Application icon and read the file you have been looking for!

Technical Specifications

Operating System

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


  • Naturel+ works both on network and on single computers.
  • It can be installed on the server or on each local computer.
  • If the databases need to be interrogated by many users, the indexes must be placed in a shared rights folder. Only those with managing rights to the databases should have complete control of these procedures.


  • Naturel+ handles hyperlinks between different sections of the text.
  • The open architecture of Naturel+ enables you to establish hyperlinks between documents of different formats. For example, you may easily link a section of a Word document to a PDF document page.
  • Thousands of links may be created in HTML format with the help of macro-commands developed in Word.


  • The annotation function in Naturel+ enables you to create notes, whether personal or public, directly linked to a section of the text. These notes can then be visualized, edited, copied or printed.
  • A new type of note has been added for databases whose files content changes a lot in time. This annotation function enables:

    • To attach a note to a fixed and unique string of characters in a text document.
    • To always show the note icon in front of this string of character when the contents of the file has been modified and when the position of the string has changed.
  • Only one fixed string can be defined per database.

Structured Database

  • Naturel+ offers many tools to create and manage your structured information databases.
  • The software can easily access exported files from Access, Dbase, Foxpro, DataEase, Clipper, etc.
  • With the help of Naturel+, you can also transform your word processing software into a very powerful structures database. Imagine the advantages of working in a known environment and using Word to create your database.

Naturel+ Features

  • Search your directories and filenames.
  • Include or exclude, through research, directories or file names.
  • Search for your information exclusively through specified search fields.
  • A user may easily create different screen lists, copy them or print them.
  • Choose between many visual ways of showing your information on screen.
  • Sort by any desired field specified in your database.
  • Create a structured record: lets you directly launch the application which enables the creation of a record, whether from a conventional word processor or from an already structured database.
  • Naturel+ has many customizable parameters.
  • Naturel+ gives you the possibility to extract selected text with headers without having to look through the entire document.

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