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Solutions by industry | Legal sector

AGIR’s Solutions for the legal sector

The legal sector must manage large amounts of information to be aware of all available documentation on laws and regulations.

AGIR helps you manage this information, allowing you:

  • To structure information into search databases;
  • To quickly find relevant information, regardless of the volume of information to be processed;
  • To index your library metadata as well as the material on your personal computers.

NatQuest products for research in specialized documents

Specialized materials abound in the legal sector. To find the firm’s research, lists of authorities, preparation of an appeal trial, unpublished and unreported decisions in the books, or articles published by the firm in various specialized resources, and by the same search tool, is in itself a challenge.

NatQuest Pro, NatQuest Pro+, NatQuest Web and Naturel+, offer you not only a powerful search engine, but also tools for segmenting information according to your needs or specialized vocabulary management tools, so you can find your documents in the database to which they belong, or by searching specific keywords.

For example, at Les Éditions Yvon Blais, NatQuest Pro is used to search throught the annotated civil code, and at the Commission de la Protection du Territoire Agricole (CPTAQ), NatQuest Pro was used to create links between JURIS records, the decisions text and laws items. AGIR also programmed tools for managing JURIS records, and created specific search databases.

AGIR’s solution for templates

The legal sector often uses templates for the creation of contracts, procedures or deeds. The diversity and quantity of these documents make finding a particular template sometimes frustrating, especially if the titles are similar.

With NatQuest Pro, NatQuest Pro+, NatQuest Web and Naturel+ looking in the full text of these documents, you can group together different types of templates or search for a specific point in the searched documents.

NatQuest for indexing your firm’s library files

Often firms’ libraries make some of their information available in digital format.

NatQuest Pro, NatQuest Pro+, NatQuest Web and Naturel+ allow you to search for this information on your desktop.

Search for information in real-time

The mass of information contained in your administrative files is often too heavy for a more basic search engine, when you quickly need relevant information.

However, the basic function of NatQuest Pro, NatQuest Pro+, NatQuest Web and Naturel+ is to manage a large amount of documents and make research almost instant, regardless of the volume of information to be treated.

At 911 Center, where the speed of execution of a query is paramount, NatQuest Pro is used by the phone attendants to quickly search through the available documents to locate the pertinent information needed to appropriately deal with the emergency.

More case studies and achievements

Greffe des tribunaux d’arbitrage du secteur de l’Éducation

  • Search for information in arbitral awards and judgements.

In Many Cities

  • Creating databases for the merged cities’ collective agreements with NatQuest Pro.
  • Creating a search thesaurus adapted to the vocabulary contained in these agreements and itemization according to users’ needs.
  • Turnkey services.

Curriculum Vitae

  • CV databases were created by users, with NatQuest Pro for local computer search, and NatQuest Web for internet search.
  • Look4cv (CV management service by industry): Database of resumes available to employers with NatQuest Web.

Ministère des Affaires Municipales, du Sport et du Loisir (Projet SIGAT)

Preparation of documents for HTML Extranet publication:

  • Programming an automated publication process.
  • Programming tools for quality control.
  • Converting Word documents to HTML format.

Textual data server connected to geomatics data server (land development schematics):

  • Programming a textual data access control system.
  • Development of project -specific features in NatQuest Web.
  • Building and hosting a textual data server.

Stations for police cars

  • Lookup in City Regulations and inside the Road Safety Code.

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