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Documents managing overview

Classification scheme, retention schedule, file naming policy, digital files management policy, all are necessary tools for the proper management of your documents, whether paper or digital. But sometimes, building a documents management system seems like a huge and endless task.

AGIR therefore offers a documents and archives managing service, which guides you through the creation and implementation of tools, and provides training for managing your documents once the system is implemented.

Policy for managing digital files

Management of digital files is too often overlooked in organizations, because papers physically accumulate on a desk, while the virtual nature of digital files makes clutter invisible. By implementing a policy to manage your digital documents, modeled on your retention schedule, you will retain only your important or necessary documents.

AGIR's experts will guide you in the development of this policy, and more importantly, AGIR products will make it easier to find the files to be moved or removed.

Remember that despite all the resources needed to implement an effective documents management system, you will end up saving time, space and money!

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